Artist talk at Fringe #0004, April 10 2008 / Interactive Institute, Kista, Stockholm

Fringe aims to strengthen the local scene for new media practitioners in Stockholm.

By new media practitioners we mean people who are using technology (computers, analog and digital electronics, physical computing, etc) as a material to produce some sort of works (art, design, architecture, music, visuals, etc). We are not talking about “new media” in the sense of cross-media advertising productions or stuff like that.

I did a 30 minute talk at Fringe 0004 at the Interactive Institute 10 April 2008 showing some of my installations and cross-linking to the archetype of the hanging man tarot card no. 12.

Presented works were:
Party for the Rabbit
Peak Performance
Best in Show
Vegetation Series

 “..but theres is also this Gothicness into it as well. As the Church.. The little house and the gallery as the little Stuga with the little lights.. ” Alberto Frigo

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