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Visual and Sound Artist located in Stockholm

Rearranged Movement (1999) Malmö

Public installation/event with:
8 wood tripods, official mark off tape

Friday May 14 1999, S. Förstadsgatan 18, Malmö

movement 3

Paths Rearranged (with permission)
People are always moving through spaces and levels of consciousness. In the city signs are telling You where to go and how to organize Yourself to others. We are often very well coordinated to meet the demands of the city. Both to make our movements fit economically in this environment and to keep up the feeling that we are free to make individual selections of directions in the city and life.

Movement takes time and effort and, therefore, it’s important to measure the shortest way between two places. That measurement is, however, often deformed by the shifting variables (physical or mental) for city travel.


The rearrangement at Södra Förstadsgatan is an installation to make people move differently through a space. Pedestrians will be confronted by an area marked-off with construction tape. The placement of the tape defines two basic paths; around the marked-off area (2.) or through the center of it (1.). At a distance (a) it would seem better to pass around the construction, but as one approaches it (b) the route through the center could be the simpler route.

movement 4

movement 2

Route of Kindness
An ambulance suddenly needs to go through the space. A man with white coat jumps out of the ambulance, moves two of the tripods, the ambulance passes through, the man kindly places the tripods back again, the form is really untouched. Its all over in a couple of seconds.

movement 6

Thanks to :Alex Slide, Sharon Lockhart, Lars Brunström, Dag-Are Haugan, for positive feedback and support during the project.

Documentation pdf >>>