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Party for the Rabbit / Fest för Haren (2000)


Type: Installation, (heavily variates to site)

Elements: Childrens cake-meal remainings, sound, performance, photograph, laser, programmed electronics, live streaming audio, hand paintings etc.

Place: Open Studios, Malmö Art Academy 2000

Coyote Coyote, tell me what is magic?
Magic is the first taste of sweet strawberries, and
magic is a child that dances in the rain of summer.
Elderberry Flute Song

Alice! oh sorry the Queen! we must hurry, we are already too late!
This complex piece of work was the culmination and migration of various interests I had of time in relation to: controlling powers (religious, political), emotions, technology in our life and the human vulnerability. The piece effectively showed the emergence effect of combining various energetic elements to something really out-of-space. The idea for the work came up from a picture I took of a smashed rabbit on the street, not very far from were I lived in Malmö at that time. The combination of a ritual process was important to establish a energy field in the room, exited of entropical symbols and meanings in humanism.
The microchip together with the display was making a shift between two states of time, when changing from a slight hum and the time-speaking voice.
The major important elements in the installation, the photo of the smashed rabbit, the children’s performance, the left lovers (table) and the micro chip was merged together with the physical emotions of the sound and smell in the space. The amount of many different elements and levels in this piece of work made the inter-relative reflections between different thoughts and feelings to a project itself. One had to start in one thread to end in another.

T1772x2914-00211-2  LASER_strale2


The picture of the smashed rabbit was not placed until they had left. I told the whole process for them about my sadness for the poor rabbit and their role of the piece: to eat some cake in honor for the rabbit and leave the remaining’s from their meal to be a part of an art piece. I told that I couldn’t hang up the picture of the rabbit since it was too repulsive. It was difficult to explain the complex relations I tried to deal with time and the sounds, technology, feelings, control etc. in the installation but I did my best.

Children gathered around the table for a fictive meal for the rabbit.   

”…till like a clock worn out with eating time.”
JOHN DRYDEN (1631-1701)

The Manual
This text was important for the piece to reflect on the various meanings every element had in connection to the others. The text made clear of the character in noticing the precision of the equipment, the children’s participation, and the importance for everything used/taken into account in the space. The text has the feeling of a manual for understanding, but from all the information/facts the visitor need to fill in quite a lot himself.

English version, pdf >>>>>
Swedish version. pdf >>>>>
(images added after exhibit)
The screen, digital display. Changing between two

Thanks to
All at Björkhagen day nursery.
Enikö Körmendi at Latronix Laser systems



Live experiment with plant and recorded speech (2000)


Type: Installation, live performance, lecture/live performance

Elements: Plant, electrodes, recorded sound from myself reading an article, projection, cdplayer, basic software and apparatus (Metex M-3640D connected to a 486 PC computer).

Place: peep Gallery, Rooseum (now closed), Sunday 6 Feb 2000

The affects of an inter-subjective plant
The plant was placed on a table and the connectors was stucked into one leave of the plant, the experiment could begin. The registered reaction in millivolts (14-19 mV) was then transformed into a video projection with a software as the sound from the spoken text from the article was spinning in the cd player.

As the audience listened to the sound from me reading the article about Cleve Backster’s research* they became more aware of the changes in the electric reactions from the plant, some people from the audience wanted to influence the plant’s reactions.

This piece of performance/event was made for the polarizing position in an student exhibition oriented around affects. In the era of social criticisms or cultural studies, the notion of alternative methods of communication, seen in Cleve Backsters research can be contradicting and acting outside of mainstream topics, almost like the same effect of giving a compass to an ape: “yeah looks nice but what can I do with it?”

During the exhibit I also performed one inter-disciplinary lecture about colours and affects.

The article, swedish pdf >>>>>
Documentation, english pdf >>>>>

* Cleve Backster, Primary Perception ISBN: 0966435435 >>>>>

Double sequence (1999)

Double sequence
Registered times on all watches with numbers I looked at between 11.11 AM (990405) and 1.12 PM (992405).


Installation with:
Desktop, computer, plant, and document with numbers plus a note book with a pen on another table where people could write their own number as they entered the space and looked at the screen. The clock screen saver had a ticking sound every second.

Open Studios, Malmö Art Academy 1999


Documentation, pdf >>>