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The Intergral Art Practice – a sample (2002)

arrangement with: Poster and a newspaper with a teared off stripe, text on wall + Lectures with OH-presentation

exhibited at: Gallery Mejan, Stockholm, July 2002


Swedish daily newspaper, (DN, Dagens Nyheter) with a teared off upper stripe of one ad-page for children clothing revealing the
the article below.The text from the below article: “The New Sex Trade” (header) “No kisses, just straight sex” (the big quote)

This exhibit provided the public to the orientation with the Integral model/thinking/perspective.


Two lectures were performed with the exhibit


Texts available during the exhibition:
Pdp with the same text as the poster on the wall, English >>>>>>>
The Poster on the wall, Swedish version >>>>>>>
Introduction to the piece, Swedish version >>>>>>>>


the OH-slides >>>>>>>>>

In addition to the exhibit the site for the the Integral Art Practice (IAIAP) website was opened (now stopped updating). >>>>>