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Garden of Earthly Delights / Lustarnas Trädgård (2022) (unfinished)

HD video (1920×1080, 16:9), 8bit
Music 24bit/48KHz

  1. Opening the Panels / Öppnande av Panelerna 2:14
  2. Left Panel / Vänstra Panelen 2:32
  3. Center Panel / Centrala Panelen 2:08
  4. Right Panel / Högra Panelen, (work in progress).

Direction, cinematography, production, music, sound editing, video editing, vfx, grading:
Tomas Nygren

Dancers: Inger Kolterud, Frank Könen, Sanna Lundström

Center panel, still

for exhibit at Mobile Art Västerås aug 2022 6/8-20/8
also shown at Kvarnbyn, frörenseriet at 6/8

Message to 759 – the aesthetics of secrecy (2013)

installation with: video projection, radio transmission with recorded audio, shortwave radio, loudspeaker, various objects, photography

exhibited at: Galleri K, Västerås

Concrete privacy in the public space
The work Legoland uses radio as its medium, also the work focuses on various aspects of numbers and communication methods within clandestine operations such as number stations or secret intelligence services the name is taken from the nickname of MI6 building in London. The audio material for the performance has been collected from various radio receivers around Europe, North America, and Asia.

exhibit overview

Broadcasting secret messages into air is a peculiar activity, since it’s indeed shared in a public space. Hence everyone could in practice tune in the actual frequency and listen to it. However, there is only one kind of listener that could decrypt the message (for i.e. special number stations) due to a simple but efficient and unbreakable method using only a paper and a pen.

video still, footage from short-wave radio spectrum analysis. Actual broadcasting spy station is in the middle position and beginning of its broadcast. 


The benefits of still using radio today has the advantage of the impossibility to trace the listener in contrast to the use of computers where everything has traces of IP numbers, logs and hard-drives. Radio waves are difficult to stop and in every moment of time waves are passing borders and through people. The history of these broadcasts are to be traced back to the beginning of the radio medium itself making them the first public broadcast ever transmitted. The transmissions are unregistered and hence illegal to the FCC. Even though these type of transmissions had its peak in the cold war, they can still be heard. Some has changed its behavior to digital mode (which still is made up of numbers).

vlcsnap-2014-10-03-21h32m44s107video still, a typical vintage spy recording device, Nagra SN

Power and secrecy
For the work Legoland there are aesthetic issues in the documentary material, an utterly concrete world of privacy. High strangeness and very few answers, though the material has a powerful character. Questions unfold. Power and secrecy. Why do power need secrets? The work

MG_8747MSG-FOR-759-VAS-medinstallation detail with shortwave radio on right

Gallery info sheet during exhibit (pdf, Swedish) >>>>>>>>>>>>

Video excerpt #1
notice that audio has two divided audio channels (mono left/right) this was used in the installation sending one mono channel to the small short-wave radio at the table and the other mono channel was sent to a loudspeaker on the wall

Click here to download Video excerpt #1

Video excerpt #2  
notice that audio has two divided audio channels (mono left/right) this was used in the installation sending one mono channel to the small short-wave radio at the table and the other mono channel was sent to a loudspeaker on the wall

Click here to download Video excerpt #2

Kodak Hill @ Tellus – 12 Dec 2009


EXPERIMENTMUSIK OCH 16mm-FILM på Tellus biograf
Lördag 12 December 16:00-21:00, 50kr
Ny lågmäld levande experimentmusik av Martin Thulin och Lise-Lotte Norelius, experimentfilmsprogram med Åke Karlung, Sven Elfström och Claes Söderquist, foto/video-utställning och interaktiv analog ljudinstallation. mossiga upphittade 16mm-filmer från Kodak Hill i Jakobsberg,


16:00-21:00, I biograffoajen:

Mats Lundell:
Vitrum, videoinstallation.
16mm filminstallation: Samhällsmotivator, 16mm-loop svartvitt.
Ljudinstallation: Tonsås.

I Cafét:
Fotoutställning; Mats Lundell, Mirjam Norinder, Yann Robardey
Bildspel från Kodak Hill; Tomas Nygren
Filmvisning, upphittade  industriella 16mm-filmer från Kodak Hill i Jakobsberg:
Kodachrome 10min: Presentation av Kodachromelaboratoriet i Spånga 15min.
Laboratoriepersonalens liv i Kodachromelaboratoriet i Spånga 41min 1971.
Reklamfilm för Super-8, 3min.
Sven-Oskar, reklamfilm, 7min.
Photography at work, a progress report, 40min. (om industriell fotografering).
The use of the Beckman spectrophotometer for the analysis of developing agent and coupler in a Kodachrome magenta developer, 30min.
Quality in photographic paper 22 min, om tillverkningen av fotopapper, emulsion mm.

Kortfilmsprogram i biografsalongen, 16mm-film, 17:00-18:15
Sven Elfström: Skyddet. 12min.
Åke Karlung: Aliena Kadabra 5min 1969
“om oFria TeknoPornoSvin i den urgamla motsatsen – växlingen mellan aNarkopatisk Sensualism och frustrerad Disciplinism.”.
Homo Ludens 11min 1964
Mellan rödskinn och cowboys sitter Homo ludens, den lekande människan.
Claes Söderquist: Epitaf 32min 1979. Bilder som finns kvar av en människa som är borta. Känslor får sitt eget liv när minnen kommer i rörelse. Musik: Charlemagne Palestine, Foto: Lennart Karlsson, Ljud: Håkan Lindberg.
John Whitney: Permutations 1966 8 min, datoranimation.

19:00 i biografsalongen unik konsert i världsklass:
Martin Thulin och Lise-Lotte Norelius live: Instrumental akustisk/elektrisk musik.