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CD Release – Music Box Music – Recorded at Tekniska Museet 2007

Recordings from some discs connected played on a Polyphon Music Box, (made app. 1850)

Recorded 6th November 2007 at Tekniska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden

With initiative from Ulrika Casselbrant and Randi Berger

And great thanks all staff at:

see also their page for mobile phone signals made from my recordings!

some releases from the mp3s of these tracks are also available at the open music archive:

a small notice on the mobile phone tracks was shown in the latest  SJ-magazine Kupé (Feb 2008):

Digital CD release March 30 2008
Release formats: Mp3, Aiff 16 bit, Aiff 24 bit, Wav 16bit, Wav 24bit, FLAC 16 bit, Audio CD Disc Image Bin/Cue


Full releases at

Episode #3 of Archived Audio Documents: Studies of a Prepared Piano #2, Salsbro (1995)

In 1995 I was spending a half year lonely on the countryside. A left over house from my grandma with lots of the original 40’s furniture, and a piano out of tune.Heavily inspired by Stockhausen, Zen, John Cage, Morton Feldman and Jazz, I studied the timbre and spatial-ness of the sounds from this old piano. All recorded by improper lo-fi equipment to an old reel Tandberg (with valves) and a dynamic microphone made for signing. Some strings in the piano were also prepared.

a summer day, Salsbro, 1995. photo: Tomas Nygren

At this house we spent many summer holidays, maybe the best summer experiences in my childhood.

This is the second episode of the total 3 tracks recorded from these sessions.

my brother Stefan Nygren standing inside one of the closest hay barns (1993)
photo: Tomas Nygren

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