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What turns the Wheels? (2006)

6 paper sheets 150cmx270cm, ballpoint pen drawings, wood, wire, turnings.

Wirsbo konsthall

Modern man must descend the spiral of his own absurdity to the lowest point; only then can he look beyond it. It is obviously impossible to get around it, jump over it, or simply avoid it. Václav Havel



Spirals of thought
This piece was created in relation to the exhibition space. Eventhough the questions I asked in making the work had clear formal relations to the exhibition space (history, floor etc.) I found myself repeating the questions I had asked. What is a spiral? What is motion? How tiny is my life compared to the living in everything?
The spiral movement of the pen was energized with my questions. Self sustaining motion for moving energy and thoughts in the easiest form, what connects? The small drawings were in a middle position where I found them acting both as an overview and a closeup for something that holds the emptiness beweeen us together, vital energy, massive and activating. Among some spin-off effects one interesting line with this piece was for me addressing meanings in economy in relation to internal time (micro-macro).

Closeup view on one of the thousands small drawings

Info sheet at the exhibition (Swe)  >>>>>>>>

Press (SWE):
“Nystanet tycks samla upp golvets slumpmässigt tillkomna mönster och få det att slå ut, att blotta tidens gång med poetisk uttryckskraft. Motsatta processer krockar. Att samla upp och att sprida ut återkommer i installationens andra del som består av fem lakansbreda våder med penntecknade härvor, klotter- snurror som små nebulosor i ett universum.

De kan ses som beståndsdelar i oändliga gåtfullt fungerande sammanhang, våra kroppar eller själva stjärnhimlen, som alltid är i rörelse för att förvandlas,
gå under och återfödas. Det döda materialet får liv: historia fångas upp, minnen dras fram och förvandlas till kunskap.”
Kristina Mezei, VLT

The Replicator (2000)


Type: short video, S-VHS

Consisted of a black cartoon rabbit that grows into more rabbits using a standard algorithm in an artificial life (ALife) application.

The ALife algorithm saves the data for the rabbit but in the phases between it seems to be that everything is messed out and randomized, a state of a continuously shift between some sort of random and order at the same time it grows.

The short sequence was in loops so when the rabbits covered the screen it all started over again.

The sound with it was an unsynchronized clip from the sound I was using in the installation Party for the Rabbit: a flag pole’s sound, but just one clap repeating itself and with a long reverb added to it.







ISSVA The International Society for the Study of Value in Art (1999)

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Type: Conceptual publication
Commissioned work

The tabloid sized magazine nerv is a freely distributed culture periodica, with four number every year, in the Øresund region (Malmö and Copenhagen). The magazine reaches app. 150 000 readers in the region.

The piece is a fictive journal presented in the magazine.

Documentation: pdf with notes (7,5MB): >>>>>


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