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MESSAGE TO 759 – the aesthetics of secrecy 16 Feb – 3 mars 2013

Konstnärsföreningen Galleri K, Västerås

Vernissage 16/2 12-16 Konstnärsföreningen Galleri K, Slottsgatan 17, Västerås
Öppettider: Vardagar (utom måndagar): 12 – 17, Lördag/Söndag: 12 – 16


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“Legoland” at Dokumenta(13) (Kassel, Germany) 26 July 2012

“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.”
 André Malraux

“Once exposed, a secret loses all its power.”
 Ann AguirreGrimspace

I will perform a part of the art work “Legoland” at Dokumenta(13) (Kassel, Germany)

The performances are a part of the project: “Winning Hearts and Minds” >>> initiated by Critical Art Ensemble

26 July 12.00   (10.00 UTC) (see map below)


Concrete privacy in the public space
The work Legoland uses radio as its medium. Also the work focuses on various aspects of numbers and communication methods within clandestine operations such as number stations or secret intelligence services.

The audio material for the performance has been collected from various radio receivers around Europe, North America, and Asia.

Broadcasting secret messages into air is a peculiar activity, since it’s indeed shared in a public space. Hence everyone could in practice tune in the actual frequency and listen to it. However, there is only one kind of listener that could decrypt the message (for i.e. special number stations) due to a simple but efficient and unbreakable method using only a paper and a pen. The benefits of still using radio today has the advantage of the impossibility to trace the listener in contrast to the use of computers where everything has traces of IP numbers, logs and hard-drives. Radio waves are difficult to stop and in every moment of time waves are passing borders and through people.

The history of these broadcasts are to be traced back to the beginning of the radio medium itself making them the first public broadcast ever transmitted. The transmissions are unregistered and hence illegal to the FCC. Even though these type of transmissions had its peak in the cold war, they can still be heard. Some has changed its behaviour to digital mode (which still is made up of numbers).


audio teaser:

Rearranged Movement on display at Handen 11 Dec 2010, Stockholm, Haninge

Rearranged Movement will on display at

Handen 11 Dec at “poseidon’s torg” and in the Haninge Konsthall (“Julsalong” exhibition)

frame for exposure will be around 12.00 – 17.00

People are always moving through spaces and levels of consciousness. In the city signs are telling You where to go and how to organize Yourself to others. We are often very well coordinated to meet the demands of the city. Both to make our movements fit economically in this environment and to keep up the feeling that we are free to make individual selections of directions in the city and life.

Movement takes time and effort and, therefore, it’s important to measure the shortest way between two places. That measurement is, however, often deformed by the shifting variables (physical or mental) for city travel.


more about Rearranged Movement here

Rearranged Movement in St.Petersburg

Anonymous influence (2008-2009)

arrangement with:  left-over material from the Swedish Design Award’s scene decoration at Berns (site specific)

Exhibited at: skeppsholmen  june 2008- winter 2009

curator: Gabriela Lopez, Svensk Form


Winter 2009


Late Fall 2008

Fall 2008

Visitors as well as locals might be curious about this (cryph-) temporary monument. Could it be made by some American minimalist? or is it some strange remaining from a workshop?

Display started in June 2008.

A popular Skeppsholmen motive, it might be famous, better to have a shot of it. Summer 2008