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Episode #3 of Archived Audio Documents: Studies of a Prepared Piano #2, Salsbro (1995)

In 1995 I was spending a half year lonely on the countryside. A left over house from my grandma with lots of the original 40’s furniture, and a piano out of tune.Heavily inspired by Stockhausen, Zen, John Cage, Morton Feldman and Jazz, I studied the timbre and spatial-ness of the sounds from this old piano. All recorded by improper lo-fi equipment to an old reel Tandberg (with valves) and a dynamic microphone made for signing. Some strings in the piano were also prepared.

a summer day, Salsbro, 1995. photo: Tomas Nygren

At this house we spent many summer holidays, maybe the best summer experiences in my childhood.

This is the second episode of the total 3 tracks recorded from these sessions.

my brother Stefan Nygren standing inside one of the closest hay barns (1993)
photo: Tomas Nygren

audio backup at

Orion (2004) Västerås

two part sound, video and photo installation

Part 1 elements: 5.1 channel sound composition, 2 video projections.
The multi-channel composition was realised at EMS, Stockholm, 2003.

Part 2 elements: Recorded sounds from ice, five light box printed photographs, steel wire, psalm books, lamps.

shown at the Perspectives 2004, festival for creative music, Västerås, 21-24 October 2004


Lychopodium_Orion2006stillCvideo stills from part 1.


PART 1 Location: Culturen, Västerås, Box 2

PART 2 Location: Västerås Cathedral




orion_ka_vas2installation view, Västerås Cathedral

The work originated from photographic materials taken at several ice covered creeks in Stockholm during the years 1995-1997.

The cosmology in the shape of the ice, and the method of photographing the segments were some of the starting-points.

The piece includes sounds from recorded ice, a sound composition, and video footage from sound affecting a fine powder on a black screen.

Exhibition info sheets:
Part 1 pdf English >>>>>>>
Part 1 pdf Swedish >>>>>>>>>

Part 2 pdf English >>>>>>>>
Part 2 pdf Swedish >>>>>>>>>

All the Times… (2003)

Installation with:
Paper with numbers from the art piece “Registered numbers..”, English and Arabic translation
Papers with text from the art piece “Registered numbers..”, English and Arabic translation
Paper binders
Chairs and tables with cloths
Notebooks and pens
LED Alarm clocks
Red colours

exhibited at: Blunk Gallery, Trondheim, 2003


This piece contains an art piece I did in year 2000, “Registered numbers..”. In 2001 I showed this piece within in a show called: “All the Times.. + grejs”. The show was connecting the numbers with the present global political climate and frustration for the violence of our time, the time it was shown the US bombing was as its peak in Afghanistan after the WTC terror attack.
This show has similar connections to this connection in the way of linking the numbers into the social and cultural spheres. I fond it a splendid opportunity for again getting back to the core of numbers. Our Arabic number system is something we do have in a straight way common with cultures of the middle east, and mostly people tend to forget about it. Through the blindness of our present consciousness the number could open some way of grasping higher realities and meanings.

Info sheets at the exhibit
English, pdf >>>>>>>>>
Arabic, pdf >>>>>>>>>>

The Blunk crew in a reading session prepared with candy.

Wall with the sheets and the time notes hanging from the ceiling.

The red corner with a LCD clock and a bunch of time notes.

Closer to the Sun (2002)

arrangement with:
Drawings and paintings from children  (3-7 years)
Drawings and paintings from elderly people (75-90 years)
Ultraviolet flourecent light
Daylight flourecent light
Coloured flourecent light
Two video sequences
Improvised piano sound

exhibited at:  Tapper-Popermajer Gallery , Malmö (2002), commissioned work

CTTS_child1_parti_action_flChildren in action, two days before the opening.

“…There is a trivial sense in which everything is at least potentially conscious.
Any particle can convert to a photon which can undergo photosynthesis and get
incorporated into, say, a lettuce leaf, and up in my brain, which I know is conscious.
So even if we don’t obviously live in a world in which everything is conscious,
we live in a world where everything is potentially conscious… ”
Liane Gabora, Journal of Consciousness Studies, vol. 9, No. 8, 2002, pp. 3-29


Installation spaces:
Room 1: Daylight – Children’s paintings and bright flourecent light (will contain some UV-radiation)
Room 2: Yellow – Two videos and sound from a piano improvisation in a yellow room
Room 3: UV light – Eldery’s paintings and UV-flourecent light

Children paints before the exhibit

Video still image from computer animated video using AL algorithms with a Sun in it. (Re-cycled from the video work “The Replicator” (2000))

 Audio except from the improvised piano


Video still image from a robot making typical robot movements with a paper sun

Painting by Woman around 85 years old

Painting by Woman around 92 years old

CTTS_docu_3_table_wall2ALLPaintings and table

Exhibition infosheets (visitors introduction to the piece)
English, pdf >>>>>>>
Swedish, pdf >>>>>>>

In news:
Regional TV4 video clip

Special thanks to:
All at Björkhagen’s day nursery!
Kryddgården, Malmö City Geriatric Care
All other participants, old as young
ABB University, Robot Training Centre, Västerås, Sweden
Robot Support/Direction: Wibeke Hansson,
Robot Support/Assistance: Irene Wilhelmson
Applied Robot Programming: Mikael Aineskog
Emil Welin, Philips Light, Sweden

The Intergral Art Practice – a sample (2002)

arrangement with: Poster and a newspaper with a teared off stripe, text on wall + Lectures with OH-presentation

exhibited at: Gallery Mejan, Stockholm, July 2002


Swedish daily newspaper, (DN, Dagens Nyheter) with a teared off upper stripe of one ad-page for children clothing revealing the
the article below.The text from the below article: “The New Sex Trade” (header) “No kisses, just straight sex” (the big quote)

This exhibit provided the public to the orientation with the Integral model/thinking/perspective.


Two lectures were performed with the exhibit


Texts available during the exhibition:
Pdp with the same text as the poster on the wall, English >>>>>>>
The Poster on the wall, Swedish version >>>>>>>
Introduction to the piece, Swedish version >>>>>>>>


the OH-slides >>>>>>>>>

In addition to the exhibit the site for the the Integral Art Practice (IAIAP) website was opened (now stopped updating). >>>>>