Vegetation series (2006)

Photographic prints from large format negatives, various printed sizes



Plant light
This photographic initiative of plants shot with flash and flashlights represents a line of my work which addresses the threat and activity of the night as a mode of consciousness. The photo sessions are executed in dark parks, countryside’s or distant forests during the night. Terrifying, existing, real moments in my fictive world.


What relation is going on between plants and humans? We are puzzled about the complex molecular structures of chemical components found in plants, structures which we try to solve our own illness in our bodies. Some plants seems to be in a mental relation to us through neural connectedness. Our health couldn’t have survived without them. They can obviously survive without us. They connect through their presence in our bodies and mind, the rhythm of breathing. The plants distanced self-sufficiency brings up something restoring when human life is so full of dependency and endless circles of social problems to solve.


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