Projected Presence (2022)

Permanent installation at Burträsk hembygdsförening

Site specific installation

Found objects on site:
Episcope projector lens
Dusty window
Metal thread
Old posters

My thoughts on this work circles around the necessity of past time for the understanding of the present and our presence in it.

The lens mounted on the wall projects a camera obscura image onto the dusty window inside. Thanks to its historical dust on the window the image from the outside is realised when the lights is scattered on the dust of the surface. If the window had been new and clean no image would have been realised.

The projection works continuously without any other sources than the sunlight.

the episcope lens is mounted on the wall close to the roof
on the upper floor the room is dark but lighted up from the projection
Projected Presence (2022) visitors interact with the projection

realised at Tomma Rum Residence July-Aug 2022

opened at 30/7 2022