Peak Performance (2002) Umeå

Installation with:
Children’s paintings,
the sound from a grasshopper,
low pressure sodium light and
IC controlled strobes (revised element for this exhibit).
Constructed walls (for inner room)

Gallery 60 Umeå, 2002


In the autumn of 1999 I recorded the sound from a grasshopper in the countryside of Malmö. The sound appealed to me in the various meanings of destroyed or undestroyed and artificial or natural. The children’s paintings became an opposite element to the low pressure sodium light that only has a peak in the spectrum of 589.0nm – 589.6nm producing a monochrome environment. I wanted to keep the age of the children quite low as an indexical element of their positive interests in colour and composition. The strobes acted as a link between the paintings, light and the sound.

Umeå 2002, Documentation movie from the show

will be available soon from youtube

Introduction text avaliable at the exhibit, pdf >>>>>>>>
Girl in action, painting grashoppers or insects

when flashes went occationally on it looked like this above

Peak_Performance_docu_insiMmostly it looked like this above (when flashes were off)

Boy in front of camera, in the background his own drawing

Girl in action, painting spiders

The Space (the inner room inside the gallery space)

outside Gallery 60 (the sodium light was on 24 hours)


Thanks to:
all at Sandbacken’s day nursery, Umeå!
special thanks to Jan Norlin
Philips Light Sweden