Closer to the Sun (2002)

arrangement with:
Drawings and paintings from children  (3-7 years)
Drawings and paintings from elderly people (75-90 years)
Ultraviolet flourecent light
Daylight flourecent light
Coloured flourecent light
Two video sequences
Improvised piano sound

exhibited at:  Tapper-Popermajer Gallery , Malmö (2002), commissioned work

CTTS_child1_parti_action_flChildren in action, two days before the opening.

“…There is a trivial sense in which everything is at least potentially conscious.
Any particle can convert to a photon which can undergo photosynthesis and get
incorporated into, say, a lettuce leaf, and up in my brain, which I know is conscious.
So even if we don’t obviously live in a world in which everything is conscious,
we live in a world where everything is potentially conscious… ”
Liane Gabora, Journal of Consciousness Studies, vol. 9, No. 8, 2002, pp. 3-29


Installation spaces:
Room 1: Daylight – Children’s paintings and bright flourecent light (will contain some UV-radiation)
Room 2: Yellow – Two videos and sound from a piano improvisation in a yellow room
Room 3: UV light – Eldery’s paintings and UV-flourecent light

Children paints before the exhibit

Video still image from computer animated video using AL algorithms with a Sun in it. (Re-cycled from the video work “The Replicator” (2000))

 Audio except from the improvised piano


Video still image from a robot making typical robot movements with a paper sun

Painting by Woman around 85 years old

Painting by Woman around 92 years old

CTTS_docu_3_table_wall2ALLPaintings and table

Exhibition infosheets (visitors introduction to the piece)
English, pdf >>>>>>>
Swedish, pdf >>>>>>>

In news:
Regional TV4 video clip

Special thanks to:
All at Björkhagen’s day nursery!
Kryddgården, Malmö City Geriatric Care
All other participants, old as young
ABB University, Robot Training Centre, Västerås, Sweden
Robot Support/Direction: Wibeke Hansson,
Robot Support/Assistance: Irene Wilhelmson
Applied Robot Programming: Mikael Aineskog
Emil Welin, Philips Light, Sweden