“Architecture of Movement” Festival in Yaroslav Sept 19-21 2008, Presentation of Rearranged Movement

Skype Presentation and Q&A

Skype presentation of some works and their relation to my experimental piece Rearranged Movement (RM) (1999 Malmö, 2006 St. Petersburg)

Rearranged Movement, 2006, Pushkinskaya 10, St. Petersburg

The Architecture of Movement Festival (ARMV) in Yaroslav is coordinated by Anastasia Proshutinskaya which also translated live the presentation to the attentive audience.

By means of festival we aim to unite different creative initiatives in the frameworks of interdisciplinary project; research an interaction between city space, architecture, landscape and human body and movements; change the city space and the perception of it through different art movements and actions.

Some crucial implications in the piece (RM) that were of architectural concern was brought up.

For instance the remark of french architectural theory in the 18th century were this new architecture could create new sensation upon it can check/stop bodily movement. And from these new sensations you would end up , logically, to new ideas and reflections upon the world and so on..

Political as well as some issues on consciousness was brought up to the surface.

Questions in the audience were asked i.e. on the role of audience, placement of work etc. they will be answered in detial in this post later.