Live experiment with plant and recorded speech (2000)


Type: Installation, live performance, lecture/live performance

Elements: Plant, electrodes, recorded sound from myself reading an article, projection, cdplayer, basic software and apparatus (Metex M-3640D connected to a 486 PC computer).

Place: peep Gallery, Rooseum (now closed), Sunday 6 Feb 2000

The affects of an inter-subjective plant
The plant was placed on a table and the connectors was stucked into one leave of the plant, the experiment could begin. The registered reaction in millivolts (14-19 mV) was then transformed into a video projection with a software as the sound from the spoken text from the article was spinning in the cd player.

As the audience listened to the sound from me reading the article about Cleve Backster’s research* they became more aware of the changes in the electric reactions from the plant, some people from the audience wanted to influence the plant’s reactions.

This piece of performance/event was made for the polarizing position in an student exhibition oriented around affects. In the era of social criticisms or cultural studies, the notion of alternative methods of communication, seen in Cleve Backsters research can be contradicting and acting outside of mainstream topics, almost like the same effect of giving a compass to an ape: “yeah looks nice but what can I do with it?”

During the exhibit I also performed one inter-disciplinary lecture about colours and affects.

The article, swedish pdf >>>>>
Documentation, english pdf >>>>>

* Cleve Backster, Primary Perception ISBN: 0966435435 >>>>>